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09:00 Community DevRoom Welcoming Remarks NFS-Ganesha Weather Report Intro to the Free Software Radio Track What's new in the world of seL4 Gnucap -- The GNU circuit analysis package Roll your own compiler with LLVM RAPIDS On Observability RustPython: A Python implementation in Rust
  Supporting FOSS Community Members with Impostor Syndrome Understanding Source Code with Deep Learning What's new in Zabbix 4.0?
09:15 gr-Soapy: A handy SDR hardware interface module for GNU Radio
  Leveraging ceph-mgr modules for fun and profit
09:30 GNURadio with a Rusty FPGA ngspice, current status and future developments LPI Exam Session 3 What is Rust doing behind the curtains?
09:45 Companies and Communities Rewriting Pointer Dereferences in bcc with Clang
  Suggesting Fixes during Code Review with ML OpenHPC Update Augmented Network Visibility with High-Resolution Metrics
  How we use Gluster Microkernel virtualization under one roof
10:00 Protect your bits: Introduction to gr-fec openEMS - An Introduction and Overview
10:15 CK: an open-source framework to automate, reproduce, crowdsource and reuse experiments at HPC conferences
  The Open Source Community: its past and future RustPräzi: a tool to build an entire call graph of crates.io
10:30 Astor: An automated software repair framework Digital Predistortion Project Trellis and nextpnr Building an LLVM-based tool Critical Path Analysis Russian crypto algorithms in the OpenSource world
  A roadmap for the Hurd?
10:45 Couple scientific simulation codes with preCICE
  Beyond The First Steps
  Improve your project’s on-ramps for new participants
11:00 GNU Radio meets Scapy Design Automation in Wonderland
  Code anomalies in Kotlin programs A microkernel written in Rust: Porting the UNIX-like Redox OS to Armv8 Distributed Tracing: OSS Technology Update 2019
11:15 Improving LLVM debug info in optimized code ReFrame: A Regression Testing and Continuous Integration Framework for HPC systems
11:30 Community Data is Not Community Metrics GNU Radio in 2019: Facts and Plans Open source virtual prototyping for faster hardware and software co-design
  Sans IO: building safe, deterministic and testable network protocols by removing IO
11:45 The future of Retro-uC and Chips4Makers Reproducible science with containers on HPC through Singularity
  Predicting areas for PR Comments based on Code Vectors & Mailing List Data Tempo - Prometheus for logs
12:00 Building a Community Metrics Strategy Fritzing - the past, the present and the future Lessons in TableGen LibreOffice Exam Session 1
  Hands-on composition of basic L4Re components
12:15 libsigmf: Human Tools for Extra-Terrestrial and AI Radios Nakadi: Streaming Events for 100s of Teams
  NUMAPROF, A NUMA Memory Profiler
12:30 Deduplication on large amounts of code KiCad Project Status Latency SLOs done right Introducing rust-prometheus
  Sustaining FOSS Projects By Democratizing The Sponsorship Process
  Setting up an HPC lab from scratch
12:45 LLVM for the Apollo Guidance Computer
  Speeding up Programs with OpenACC in GCC
  Ceph storage with Rook
13:00 SDR Makerspace Unikraft: Unikernels Made Easy Drawing PCBs with Inkscape The 8 Principles of Production Data Science
  Hackers gotta eat How to build an automatic refactoring and migration toolkit M3 and a new age of metrics and monitoring in an increasingly complex world
13:15 The Kitspace BOM Builder The convergence of HPC and BigData
  Profiling in rust with rust_hawktracer
13:30 Equinox: A C++11 platform for realtime SDR applications horizon EDA - what's new llvm.mix LibreOffice Exam Session 2
  Introducing Kubeflow
13:45 Consorting with Industry Hardware/Software Co-Design for Efficient Microkernel Execution
  Mining Source Code^3 Privacy-preserving monitoring of an anonymity network Rust and GNOME
14:00 An End-to-End LTE Testbed in Three Clicks From the idea to the prototype using FLOSS
  Validating Big Data Jobs
14:15 SMT-Based Refutation of Spurious Bug Reports in the Clang Static Analyzer
  Back From the Dead gtk-rs: newest and future developments
  Managing and Monitoring Ceph with the Ceph Manager Dashboard
14:30 Coming: a Tool for Mining Change Pattern Instances from Git Commits Spoofing GPS Solo5: A sandboxed, re-targetable execution environment for unikernels The Software Developer’s Guide to Open Source Hardware From Zero to Portability Using eBPF for Linux Performance Analyses
  GObject subclassing in Rust for extending GTK+ & GStreamer
  Coaching for Open Source Communities 2.0
15:00 The Dwingeloo radio telescope goes SDR Open Source Hardware for Smart City What makes LLD so fast? LibreOffice Exam Session 3
  Neural commit message suggester Thanos - Transforming Prometheus to a Global Scale in a Seven Simple Steps
  Evolution of file system and disk management in HelenOS
15:30 Towards a sustainable solution to open source sustainability Performing Low-cost Electromagnetic Side-channel Attacks using RTL-SDR and Neural Networks Pocket Science Lab - An Open Source Hardware for Electronics Teaching & Learning Streaming Pipelines for Neural Machine Translation
  Call C++ from Rust with the cpp! crate.
15:45 Compiling the Linux kernel with LLVM tools
  Smelling Source Code Using Deep Learning Deep Dive: Kubernetes Metrics with Prometheus
  Exporting Ceph Object Storage data to the outside world
16:00 Decoding MeteorM2N: QPSK, Viterbi, Reed Solomon and JPEG Building open source scientific equipment Deep Learning on Massively Parallel Processing Databases USB borne attacks and usable defense mechanisms
  "Collaboration in Open Source Is the Better Way" Operating System hardening : Dealing with external interrupts
  Containing the plasma
16:30 Flushing the Delay Line FST-01SZ (Flying Stone Tiny 01 revision ShenZhen) It was working yesterday! Investigating regressions with llvmbisect Condition Monitoring & Transfer Learning slapdcheck
  The impact of Meltre and Specdown on microkernel systems (*) Let's use centralized log collection to make incident response teams happy
  Community DevRoom Concluding Remarks Envoy Proxy 101: What it is, and why it matters?