Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


“Display Stream Compression: More pixels, faster, over DisplayPort”

Graphics kernel solution to enable 5K@120 and beyond with DSC

VESA DisplayPort 1.4 specification introduced next higher bit rate of 8.10 Gigabits/s per lane enabling a maximum display link bandwidth of ~32 Gigabits/s. However higher resolutions at higher frame rates like 5K@120Hz require a total display bandwidth of ~42 Gigabits/s. This native bandwidth limitation problem is solved through the feature of Display Stream Compression (DSC). In this talk Manasi will present the implementation of DSC across graphics stack and how this feature enables higher resolutions at higher frame rates over DisplayPort. She will explain at what stage in display pipeline does the stream gets compressed and how this affects the display link configuration computation and has rippling effects throughout the graphics stack. She will also describe the atomic KMS changes required to enable such high resolutions in a dual pipe single port configuration. This talk will describe the DSC helper library implementation in DRM which will help other graphics driver developers to reuse them and add compression support in their driver.


Photo of Manasi Navare Manasi Navare