Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


My 10 year journey with FOSSASIA: A woman's pathway to open source

How I first involved in the community, how I started to use free software and learned coding by observation, what are some the challenges for me as an Asian woman who wanted to be heard or recognized in this world. I will talk about a few highlights of this 10 years including:

  • The first FOSS event that I organized back in 2009 in Vietnam - learned & handled corruptions in the country.
  • My first time entering Europe to attend a Libre Graphics Conference - fear
  • My first time attended and spoke at the CCC, my volunteer experience at the CCC in the following year - the unforgettable moment that opened up my eyes.
  • Some of mine awkward encounters with developers at tech events which made me feel completely stupid and unwelcome - my observation on how politics affects the selection process, priority, direction of some communities and tech events.
  • My experience with communities in India vs. China - the local culture
  • My contribution to the global United Nations discussion around free software movement - Bureaucracy in NGOs


Photo of Hong Phuc Hong Phuc