Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


Node.js feature-flipping through Git

Git as a Continuous Manager

Let's imagine you run a complex service or app, and you have to manage a backend solution that grows fast. You have to find a way to handle the releases cycle.

It means taking care of restarting services, migrating databases, expiring caches, as well as notifying client's apps for the update. Now, add a new layer of complexity: to quickly try-and-fail, you also use a feature-flipping architecture that allows you to run tests on various client segments. Even for a limited amount of time. And, because your team is great, you deliver several times a day. To address all those needs, Node.js is a great candidate. Properly hooked behind a Git repository that will allow you to push your codebase and configs, we can conceive a modular system to manage your deployment process. Based on Streams and Functional Programming, we will present a global solution capable to deliver your codebase and reprocess its configuration on-the-fly. With a simple git push. Let's see what a modern, robust, and distributed deployment platform should look like.


Photo of Matthias Dugué Matthias Dugué