Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


CANCELLED P2P how and Kademlia

Recently there has been tremendous interest in P2P systems and their usefulness. However most people are confused about how they work, how nodes are techno-magically able to find each other or the right other node with expected data. This talk would start p2p from basics, it's differences with client-server systems and then different ways p2p systems can operate, dhts as one way. And then end with more specific things as kademlia being a good dht and how does it work. It would be interesting because it (kademlia) powers some of the most popular p2p systems such as bittorrent, IPFS, Ethereum, I2P, Tox etc.

Contents of the talk would be as follows - what is a p2p system - a bit about client-server - finding nodes in client-server vs p2p - p2p as overlay networks - some earlier p2p systems and their limits - distributed hash tables to rescue, dht basics - what makes a good dht

since Kademlia is a good dht

Kademlia - core ideas (Uniform ID Space, Closeness, Local view) - protocol messages - joining network - locating nodes and resources - storing - go-libp2p-kad-dht



Photo of Kishan Sagathiya Kishan Sagathiya