Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Safe, gated and integrated GitOps for Kubernetes

There is no single tool that can do everything in your CI/CD pipeline. You have the freedom to pick these tools and integrate them to complete the lifecycle of a release. In this talk, we’re discussing the integration of three different DevOps tool not only completes a CI/CD pipeline but also leads to effective automation by adding extra layers of intelligence.

We begin with using Git as a version control system that houses the entire state for a Kubernetes deployment. Adding Zuul to the mix, as your open-source tool that assumes the role of project gating, ensuring no broken code is merged into the main branch of your clusters, and Argo CD as the continuous delivery platform in place that pulls that code and applies to all application code in question.

It is the integration of all three tools that are essential for an efficient trail of your entire deployments. The talk will further elaborate on the role of each of these mechanisms when managing a Kubernetes cluster and their integration with one another.


Photo of Mohammed Naser Mohammed Naser