Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


From Zero to Useless to Hero: Make Runtime Data Useful in Teams


We introduced distributed tracing, central logging with trace correlation and monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana in a large internationally distributed software development project from the beginning. The result: Nobody used it.

In this talk we show the good and not so good sides we have learned while introducing and operating the observability tools. We show which extensions and conventions were necessary in order to carry out a cultural change and to awaken enthusiasm for these tools. Today the tools are a first-class citizen and people are shouting when they are not available.

Intended Audience: - Beginner (Should know the basic terms of monitoring, tracing etc..) - Anyone who wants to establish monitoring, distributed tracing and central logging in a team as profitably as possible

Rough Outline: - Brief description of the used toolchain to understand the runtime behavior of a cloud-native software system and our motivation to set it up very early (development phase) - Describe the initial standard toolchain setup that does not work - Show the reasons why other team members does not use the toolchain and its drawbacks - Describe the implemented solution and the necessary improvements to the toolchain that lowers the hurdle to use the toolchain - Show the outcomes in terms of cultural change: Willing to understand the software system at runtime, write tickets with important details and shorter times to fix bugs

Goals: - Understand that a widely used tool chain in a team can improve the quality of the software system and the work culture (no finger pointing)


Florian Lautenschlager
Robert Hoffmann