Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Jemima Abu

Photo of Jemima Abu

Jemima Abu is a front end developer, content creator, strong feminist and an all-round nerd. She speaks at tech conferences and volunteers at organizations geared towards improving diversity and intersectionality in tech.

Jemima Abu is a self-taught Front End Developer and school-taught Systems Engineer from Lagos, Nigeria. She currently works at Telesoftas, a software company based in Lithuania. She is an avid advocate for diversity and intersectionality in technology and accessibility in web development. She gives back to the tech community by speaking at conferences, volunteering at organizations geared towards diversity in the techspace and teaching web development classes to beginners every other weekend. She's also a huge nerd, slightly obsessed with cats and can usually be found on her laptop, coding or watching slice-of-life anime.



Title Day Room Track Start End
You Can't Spell Accessibility Without CSS Sunday UA2.114 (Baudoux) Mozilla 10:30 10:55
Let's Get Func-y Sunday H.1302 (Depage) JavaScript 12:30 12:55