Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Václav Zbránek

Photo of Václav Zbránek

I do care and sales in Weblate, the best continuous localization platform, open-source, of course! I worked on many tech and non-tech projects in recent years (like Turris), bringing the product closer to the people has always been my primary goal and love. I am not a developer; I do community work. I like to connect the developers, users, or engage them in a project that’s new for them. I believe that everyone can contribute. With code, with translation, with design.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Weblate: open-source continuous localization platform
How to bring your project closer to its users with localization platform that doesn’t bother anyone with manual work.
Saturday H.2215 (Ferrer) Lightning Talks 13:40 13:55
Weblate! Localize your project the developer way: continously, flawlessly, community driven, and open-source
Don’t bother your development process with manual work. Connect Weblate to your VCS and let the localization magic happen.
Saturday AW1.120 Coding for Language Communities 17:00 18:00