Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Ada devroom

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Ada is a general-purpose programming language originally designed for safety- and mission-critical software engineering. It is used extensively in air traffic control, rail transportation, aerospace, nuclear, financial services, medical devices, etc. It is also perfectly suited for open source development.

Awareness of safety and security issues in software systems is increasing. Multi-core platforms are now abundant. These are some of the reasons that the Ada programming language and technology attracts more and more attention, among others due to Ada's support for programming by contract and for multi-core targets. The latest Ada language definition was updated early 2016. Work on new features is ongoing, such as improved support for fine-grained parallelism, and will result in a new Ada standard scheduled for 2020. Ada-related technology such as SPARK provides a solution for the safety and security aspects stated above.

More and more tools are available, many are open source, including for small and recent platforms. Interest in Ada keeps increasing, also in the open source community, and many exciting projects have been started.

The Ada DevRoom aims to present the facilities offered by the Ada language (such as for object-oriented, multicore, or embedded programming) as well as some of the many exciting tools and projects using Ada.

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