Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Free Tools and Editors devroom

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Developers working on free tools and editors, focused on a variety of technologies, though overlapping in a variety of ways, have a room of their own, where tools engineers and editor engineers can discuss their common and overlapping requirements, enabling the fostering of a community in support of languages and technologies throughout multiple ecosystems.

The free tools and editors room is an opportunity for developers in this domain to meet, discuss the current state of their projects, and their roadmaps, while also helping others to understand the state of these interrelated projects.

Please join us, regardless of whether you are a core hacker, a plugin hacker, a user, a packager, or a hacker on a project that integrates, extends, or complements any free tool or editor.

Onwards to a united approach to helping developers get the most out of their free tools and editors!

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