Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Game Development devroom

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Open source is often neglected in the game industry—and the reverse is also true: game development is often neglected in open source. We want to present that it is possible to combine the two. In particular, Godot being an open source game engine is a proof of that.

We want to present open source tools to make games. That not only include engines but also asset-making tools. There are many industry-grade open source tools which are growing in use in the gamedev world. Software as Blender, Krita, GIMP, Ardour, LMMS, etc. can be applied to any kind of game.

More importantly, we want to present games made with those tools. We want to hear the benefits, the insights, the hurdles, the challenges, the sleepless nights and everything. Real examples are always a great inspiration for other game developers, even (or maybe especially) when things don't go perfectly. Talking about changing tools is welcome too (either from proprietary to open source, or between FOSS solutions), as we can hear a perspective about the differences between them.

Also, we want to hear about open source games. What are the issues with those and the benefits, and whether it can be a viable business model.

If you have interest in any of those categories, join us!

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