Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Graphql - Apollo Client Issues and solving for state management

The event mainly talks the different issues faced with using Apollo Client and how to solve for that using React hooks.


1 Intro Introduce the basic use-case and need for state management libraries.

2 Apollo Client 2.x as your complete state solution Explain how does Apollo client 2.x provides support for local statement management and briefly touch upon the APis.

3 Performance Issues - Large data sets Explain the performance issues/lag that happen when working with large data-sets, for eg: tables with > 10k rows, etc.

4 Performance Issues - Local mutation + Resolvers Explain the performance issues/lag and the extra boilerplate overhead that comes with it.

5 Performance Issues - Extending Types on Client Highlight the drawbacks of client side state vs the remote data.

6 Splitting state management Differentiate between remote, application & component data.

7 Redux vs React Core (useContext+useReducer) Solution to the problem

8 Apollo Client 3 Touch base upon the new Apollo client API

9 Final thoughts


Akshat Garg