Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


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Community (Main Tracks) Main track

Real Time Communications (Main Tracks) Main track

Security (Main Tracks) Main track

Other Topics (Main Tracks and Keynotes) Main track

Computer Aided Modeling and Design Development Room Main track


Collaboration and Content Management Devroom

Conference Organisation Devroom

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment Devroom

Dart and Flutter Devroom

Declarative and Minimalistic Computing Devroom

Distributions Devroom

Embedded, Mobile and Automotive Devroom

Emulator Development Devroom

FOSS on Mobile Devices Devroom

Free Software Radio Devroom

Friends of OpenJDK Devroom

Hardware-Aided Trusted Computing Devroom

HPC, Big Data, and Data Science Devroom

Infra Management Devroom

Kotlin DevRoom Devroom

Legal and Policy Issues DevRoom Devroom

Libre and Open Hardware, CAD, Modelling and VLSI Devroom

LibreOffice Technology Devroom

MariaDB Server Devroom

Matrix Foundation & Community Devroom

Microkernel and Component-based OS Devroom

Monitoring and Observability Devroom

Network Devroom Devroom

Nim Programming Language Devroom

Open Research Tools and Technologies Devroom

Open Source Design Devroom

Open Source Firmware, BMC and Bootloader Devroom Devroom

Retrocomputing Devroom

Safety and Open Source Devroom

Software composition and dependency management Devroom

Software Defined Storage Devroom

Virtualization and IaaS Devroom

Web3 Infrastructure Devroom