Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Gaming with Steam on FreeBSD / GhostBSD

Suyimazu, automates the playing of Steam Games on FreeBSD/ GhostBSD eliminates all the manual setup to make a game playable on FreeBSD/ GhostBSD makes use of WINE.

Playing Steam games on FreeBSD / GhostBSD requires many manual steps for setting up an environment to play games. Suyimazu automates these manual steps for FreeBSD, making it easier and quicker to play a Steam game.

Back when Alexander88207 started using FreeBSD, there was no useful utility to setup games or launcher in wine, so he created one. Suyimazu was developed from pure fun, so please do not take it too seriously. Suyimazu was created with some inspiration from lutris, but is not meant to be a substitute.

Suyimazu is a launcher that makes it easy to run Windows games/launcher easily on FreeBSD by providing/applying the required fixes and workarounds.

The Windows emulation is provided by Wine.
The launcher menus are provided by Zenity
The most fixes that gets applied are provided by Winetricks

Special thanks go to the above mentioned projects :)

URL Links: Project site description Suyimazu Handbook Intel graphics card and AMD graphics card setup.

URL Video Links: Preview of Homura: Review by RoboNuggie:


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