Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Jenkins 2022 and beyond

Evolution of the Butler and its community, sans coupures

Is the Butler Still Young? Maybe not but it is still one of the most popular automation tools. Jenkins in 2022 is not Jenkins in 2012. It keeps evolving to address demands from its users and contributors: pipeline as code, configuration as code, better support for cloud environments, user experience, etc. There are many ongoing initiatives in the Jenkins community, and we are looking forward to the next major iteration in Jenkins evolution. The story for Jenkins is far from being over. So what’s next for it?

This session will be my first ever uncensored talk about Jenkins which I consider an automation framework first. I will focus on the current challenges for Jenkins, including but not limited to community stagnation, UI/UX, and adoption challenges in modern cloud native environments? What does need to change in the project and the community to make the project relevant? We will talk about revitalizing the community and attracting new company contributors, consolidating user experiences, and reusing experiences of the BlueOcean and Jenkins X projects? We will also talk about interoperability with other projects, making Tekton a first class citizen Pipeline engine, and making Jenkins available everywhere regardless of CI/CD system you actually use.

My full vision for Jenkins and its community is documented here:


Photo of Oleg Nenashev Oleg Nenashev