Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Kickoff Terraform CI / CD into the Cloud

Managing Infrastructure as code is one of the pillars on the road to full automation of apps&infrastructure. DevOps teams have a need to automate to highest possible level. This session handles abour Infrastructure As Code, in terms of how this fits into a Cloud Infrastructure, using tools as Terraform and how build a pipeline with Jenkins(X), Tekton and Git Furthermore it will also discuss of how to integrate these Infrastructure As Code into complete application build and deploy pipelines.

This session elaborates about cloudnative tooling to accomplish an automation level of rolling out infrastructure along with application CI CD pipelines. Some of these cloudnative tools are discussed about how they fit into a Cloud environment, for instance rolling out A managed Kubernetes Engine, Appservers, bastion hosts and so on. It is also a good starting point for newcomers, who aren’t familiar with all these buzzwords and new technologies, methods, to get a first glimpse what they might expect. Especially if they are used to the tradional way of rolling out, they can gain new insights of how they can innovate in this area.


Photo of Michel Schildmeijer Michel Schildmeijer