Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


The year of the Linux Desktop: Cancelled for privacy reasons

How a new privacy paradigm can be a game changer for front-end FOSS

As FOSS communities we deeply respect the human right of privacy. Unfortunatly, it is this respect that stops us from gaining deep insights into our users behaviour. Our proprietary competitors, however do extensive user research. The result for user facing FOSS is sobering compared to back-end FOSS and a catastrophe for privacy of society at large.

More than time to change this.

In this talk I will explain why data cooperatives will change the existing privacy paradigm and how this can boost the UX for FLOSS. Finally, I will introduce the initiative that actively works on the transformation process and discuss what we - as FOSS community - can do right now.


Photo of Björn Balazs Björn Balazs