Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Easy Reactive Java Microservices With Spring WebFlux And JHipster

Low code is all the rage these days. JHipster was making low code possible before it was hip. In this session, learn how to build Reactive Java microservices easily with Spring WebFlux and JHipster. JHipster is a rapid application development platform that supports a wide range of technologies and use cases. The Reactive support using Spring WebFlux lets you build powerful reactive applications and microservices easily in a few minutes using just a short DSL. In this session, we will build reactive e-commerce microservices and deploy them to production on the cloud and see what the generated code looks like.

JHipster can help anyone from a novice web app developer to an experienced micro service architect hence the talk will benefit anybody who wants to create web apps/microservices without having to worry about tying all the moving parts together. It can also help consultants who want to build applications in a short span of time for demanding clients.

Above all JHipster is a great place to learn so much about the latest spring ecosystem and the trending and hip tools used.


Photo of Deepu  K Sasidharan Deepu K Sasidharan