Online / 5 & 6 February 2022


Oleg Nenashev

Photo of Oleg Nenashev

Oleg works on open source programs and Keptn community at the Dynatrace Open Source Program Office. He is a TOC chair and community ambassador in the Continuous Delivery Foundation. Oleg is a core maintainer and board member in Jenkins where he writes code, mentors contributors, and organizes community events and Google Summer of Code in the project. Open source software and open hardware advocate. Oleg has a PhD degree in hardware design and volunteers in the Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation.



Title Day Room Track Start End
[R]Evolution of open source CI/CD tools
How do Open Source and DevOps cultures impact CI/CD?
Saturday M.misc Miscellaneous 14:00 15:00
Thank you Keptn Obvious!
Making SLOs observable with Prometheus and Keptn
Sunday D.monitoring Monitoring and Observability 14:45 15:30
Jenkins 2022 and beyond
Evolution of the Butler and its community, sans coupures
Sunday D.cicd Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment 16:00 16:40