Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Data flowing the right way

Implementing data workflows in low code/no code

Our software is fueled by data; we need to move data from one place to another, transform it, process it, analyze it. When we have to interconnect different decoupled components (databases, web services, streams,...), we usually write scriptish code as middleware to implement the flow of data. On this custom code, we are coupling something that should be decoupled. Could it be possible to decouple the systems while they are connected? Is there a set of good practices to implement orchestrations without reinventing the wheel?

Integration Processes are the "glue" between these software components. Automating workflows, adding conditional steps, transforming the data, calling APIs,... That's usually a tedious and repetitive task lots of developers do again and again. With Kaoto as a visual editor and Apache Camel as the underlying integration framework, we can make it simpler and reuse expertise from other developers. We could even build entire workflows without throwing a single line of code.


Photo of María Arias de Reyna María Arias de Reyna