Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Charles Eckel

Photo of Charles Eckel

Charles is a recognized champion of open source, standards, and interoperability. He is a Principal Engineer in the Global Technology Standards team at Cisco.

At Cisco, Charles is responsible for identifying and guiding open source efforts related to key standards initiatives. In IETF, he started and runs the IETF Hackathons, advancing the pace and relevance of networking standards by combining the speed and collaborative spirit of open source communities with the rigor and precision of standards organizations. Charles is active in other standards organizations, notably MEF, where he has served as a chair of several technical committees. Charles is also a member of a number of open source projects in the Linux Foundation and elsewhere. He is a frequent speaker at open source conferences and manager of the Network devroom at FOSDEM. His current focus areas include application networking, network automation, and the intersection of networking and security, particularly where there is a need for new standards and closely associated open source projects.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Uncover the Missing Link
Creating Clear Linkage between Open Source and Standards
Sunday UB5.132 Community 12:00 12:30