Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Lina Ceballos

Photo of Lina Ceballos

Lina is a lawyer with a background in political science. She's part of the FSFE as Policy Project Manager, and currently coordinates the REUSE initiative.

Lina has a degree in Law and holds a M.A in Political Science. She is part of the FSFE policy and legal team. She has experience in advocating for digital rights among decision-makers and public administrations, as well as in monitoring legislative processes at the European level. Additionally, Lina has experience in legal issues and licence compliance. She contributes to the Public Money? Public Code! initiative and currently coordinates the REUSE project at FSFE.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Public Money? Public Code! in Europe
A policy brief of the state of play of Free Software in the European Union
Sunday AW1.120 Public Code and Digital Public Goods 10:00 10:30
If it’s public money, make it public code!
How to effectively push for Free Software all over Europe
Sunday UB5.132 Community 14:05 14:35