Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Monitoring and Observability devroom

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Monitoring and observability are two angles on the same principle: Any computerized system needs to have continuous and computerized verification of its state.
In recent times, the term "monitoring" has sometimes been used for situations in which arbitrary data is being collected and never looked at. This is a misuse, or a misnomer, but it still happens. The term "observability" tries to re-sharpen the underlying concept, trying to emphasize that in the end humans and computers need to be able to observe and grok the data. It also implies that ever-increasing complexity of our modern world needs to be met by automation of at least equal capability to contain said complexity.

The three focus points of this devroom will be general concepts, specific developments and projects, and sharing of experience. We will try to balance content in a way that is beneficial to newcomers and experienced people alike.

As this devroom tends to be always overful, we request that you ideally stay for more than one talk at any one time. Once a talk ends, please leave quietly so we can run our speaker Q&A at the same time. If you want to enter, please wait outside the room not only until people start leaving, but until they are actually done leaving so you can enter more efficiently and quietly. Keep in mind that you will enter during the aforementioned Q&A. Every time people leave and come, we ask people who stayed in the room to defrag into the middle of the rows to free up seats on the row ends.

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