Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


The brief case for User-space Network Stacks (DPDK and friends)

The case for DPDK, VPP, Snabb, F-Stack and friends.

The Userspace networking ecosystems has really matured since DPDK (the Data Plane Development Kit) was first open sourced in March 2013. Since then, a whole ecosystem of technologies developed with it or seeking to becoming a better DPDK has emerged.

Sometimes controversially data plane networking (the packet processing) which was once the sole responsibility of the Operating System Kernel is now being handled entirely in Userspace, by applications built with tools such as DPDK.

This talks discusses:-

  1. Why the phenomenon exists? Where did it come from? Why are people eager to re-invent the wheel?
  2. A (very) brief survey of user space data plane networking projects.
  3. The case for better inter-operability, need the Kernel and Userspace data plane really be two separate Islands?
  4. How to collaborate to achieve a better future?


Ray Kinsella