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10:30 Welcome to the MySQL, MariaDB & Friends Devroom "Enlightening" KVM Advanced TypeScript tooling at scale Welcome to the Legal and Policy Issues devroom BSDCG Exam Session The State of Go
  LibreOffice: the origins of a community fork
  Patterns and anti-patterns in OSS participation
11:00 Getting To Blinky: Virt Edition Building modern desktop apps in Go
  Making Your MySQL Replication Setup Run Faster!
11:30 Toward exploring virtual disks using a file manager! How to write a reverse-proxy with Go in 25 minutes
  The consequences of sync_binlog != 1
12:00 Declare your Linux Network state! Go containers? Go serverless?
  MySQL Replication - Advanced Features
12:30 Bare Metal In The Cloud: Isn’t it Ironic? FOSS Governance: The good, the bad and the ugly Hands on debugging with Delve
  Tapping Into the Binary Log Change Stream
13:00 Managing VMs and Containers in a Deeply Integrated UI Redis Labs & the tragedy of the Commons Clause LPI Exam Session 1 Designing Command-Line Tools People Love
  The art of multiplexing MySQL connections with ProxySQL
13:30 Monitoring Kubernetes and Virtualization How should lawyers behave? Legal "Ethics" and Free Software Go implementation of git database with embedded bitmap index
  Improve your SQL
14:00 Make Room! Make Room! gRPC, Protobufs and Go... OH MY!
  LATERAL derived table in MySQL
14:30 use kcli with all your virtualization solutions! Open source in the quest for GDPR compliance AI image search with Go & Tensorflow
  Test complex database systems in a laptop with dbdeployer
15:00 High performance virtual machines in oVirt Making Sense of so many License Compliance Tools When and How to use CGo
  MariaDB and MySQL — what statistics optimizer needs
15:30 Speeding up the Booting Time of a Toro Appliance LPI Exam Session 2 Building a Hardware MIDI Player
  MySQL and the CAP theorem: relevance & misconceptions
16:00 Apply complex network configuration to your Kubernetes cluster hosts by declaring it Who wants you to think nobody uses the AGPL and why Parallel programming in Go for performance with the Pargo library
  How to create a useful MySQL bug report
16:30 Real-time virtualization automation Advocating For FOSS Inside Companies Redux The clusterfuck hidden in the Kubernetes code base
  How Online Backup works in MyRocks and RocksDB
17:00 Implementing UEFI Variable Services in QEMU Small Is Going Big: Go on Microcontrollers
  TiDB: Distributed, horizontally scalable, MySQL compatible
17:30 XCP-ng: building an Open Source and turnkey virtualization platform The surprising interaction of open source and patent exhaustion Tuning Go GC Parameters
  MySQL Performance Schema in 20 Minutes
18:00 It's Time for the Populator Organizer's Panel -- Now and Forever How Kubernetes used gRPC to encrypt secrets with an external Key Management Service
  MySQL 8.0 Component Infrastructure
18:30 Virtual IOMMU Implementation using HW Nested Paging Go Lightning Talks
  MySQL 8.0 Document Store: How to Mix NoSQL & SQL in MySQL 8.0