Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024



MicroBlocks is a blocks programming language for physical computing inspired by Scratch. MicroBlocks is a non-profit open-source project that makes physical computing fun and easy. Although it's goal is to enable and inspire youth (10+), curious makers of all ages are encouraged to embrace the joys of physical computing. Unlike other programming environments for microcontrollers, MicroBlocks is LIVE. That is, the MicroBlocks IDE (editor running on a computer) and the MicroBlocks code (running on a microcontroller) are constantly kept in sync. The blocks-based editor makes it easy to click any block or script of blocks to execute them immediately. Development and debugging occur at the same time. The project lives up to its tagline "small, fast, human friendly". :)


Photo of Kathy Giori Kathy Giori
Photo of John Maloney John Maloney
Photo of Turgut Guneysu Turgut Guneysu