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09:30 Welcome to FOSDEM 2024
10:00 Where have the women of tech history gone? Take Your FOSS Project From Surviving To Thriving
10:30 Creative Coding with TurtleStitch HopsFS FUSE Mount Perl at PayProp Cologne Chip GateMate FPGA -- filling a gap between hardware and software (with a presentation of the GMM-7550 module) Opening Railways and Open Transport devroom BEAM me up, Scotty How Tansu, a Reactive Agnostic Library, Simplifies Widget Creation for AgnosUI Enhancing the video call experience with Forward Error Correction SemVer in the Rust ecosystem: breakage, tooling, and edge cases From phone hardware to mobile Linux Public calendars aggregation using Linkal Opening Energy: Reimagining this Ecosystem through Open Source devroom NGI Zero network meetup Introduction to OpenAPI Making reproducible and publishable large-scale HPC experiments Linux on a Confidential VM in a cloud: where's the challenge? DIY Private Container Registry Bridging Research and Open Source: the genesis of Gephi Lite The State of OpenJDK "Where the !?*! are the packets going?” Screen Sharing on Raspberry Pi 5 Using VNC in Weston and Wayland with the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded The state of Go
  Open standards, open data, open-source tools: their governance and future EVerest: One stack to charge them all?
  Broom not included: curling the modern way
  Open Food Facts: Learning and using Perl in 2024 to transform the food system ! Gleam: Past, present, future! Using FlexMeasures to build a climate tech startup, in 15 minutes
11:00 Outreachy: 1000 interns NetBSD 10: Thirty years, still going strong! calc with calculang, a language for calculations U-Boot for modern Qualcomm phones Indico: an event management system Synergy in Open Communities Productionizing Jupyter Notebooks How Much Do You Know about Snapshot Cosma, a visualization tool for network synthesis Introducing Sound Open Firmware project The secret life of a goroutine
  External Rook Ceph Cluster Rust-transit: libraries to manage transit data in rust Forensic container checkpointing and analysis A decade of JDK Updates in OpenJDK
  REPLACEMENT: RTC AMA Stopping all the attacks before they start: Building a security-first API Improving IPv6-only experience on Linux
11:15 Writing your own Rust linter OwnTech Project: An open-source generic reprogrammable technology suite for reimagining the energy ecosystem From the lab to Jupyter : a brief history of computational notebooks from a STS perspective
  Synergy: a chat bot framework Problems and solutions for running a distributed virtual world
  An introduction to Formal Verification of Digital Circuits Counting on openness: Privacy-safe passenger counting
11:30 Your web app is taking up too much RAM. Let's fix it! Mainline Linux on Qualcomm SoCs, are we here now ? OpenTalk - Video conferencing secure and GDPR compliant CATS: The Climate Aware Task Scheduler UKI addons and extensions: safely extending UKIs kernel command line and initrd Prompt Compass: A Methodological Approach to Evaluating the Use of Large Language Models in SSH research Exploring Quarkus Native: Choices and Implementation Load balancing using XDP "Vanilla" Debian On An Industrial Embedded Device You're already running my code in production: My simple journey to becoming a Go contributor.
  Boosting CephFS Security in Kubernetes: Rook's Intelligent Network Fencing for Uninterrupted Data Flow and Workload Harmony!
  MicroBlocks Property based testing in Elixir The plan for gccrs Enhancing OCPP with E2E-Security and Binary Data Streams for a more Secure Energy Ecosystem Open Food Facts : Acting on the health and environnemental impacts of the food system Introducing Incus
11:45 UB App: Using Design Justice to involve marginalised communities and urban planners in co-designing a new photovoice tool for citizen engagement
  Bridging Open Protocols: XMPP and ActivityPub Gateway via Libervia Making API Terms of Service Trustworthy? Presenting FACT : The Fair API Commitment Terms Nephio: A New Approach for Automating Telco Workloads
  MATSim at SBB: Using and contributing to the open-source transport simulation for advanced passenger demand modeling. Project Lilliput - Compact Object Headers
12:00 How to Chart your own Career Path in Open Source - Panel Discussion Reproducible Builds: The First Ten Years The CPAN Security Working Group VoLTE for FOSS Securely collaborate with CryptPad CitrineOS Observations on a DNSSEC incident: the russian TLD Modern Email BoF, creating email-compat-data & more Overcoming MPI ABI incompatibility From Virtualization Platform to Hybrid Cloud Solution: A Hands-On Account Using linux-yocto as a Yocto BSP kernel Single binary, full-stack provisioning
  Data Security and Storage Hardening in Rook and Ceph Gleam in the machine: phantom types and the builder pattern. Recycle, Reuse, Rebuild: Transformative Tactics for Turning your Brownfields Green
  Verilog-AMS in Gnucap Network Topology Discovery: how it really works
12:15 Kubernetes Operators: Expanding Automation in Containerized Applications Beyond Ratings: Empowering Communities through Wikirate for Transparent Corporate Impact Research and Analysis.
  Power Grid Model: Open source high performance power systems analysis A simple caching service for your CI
  openQA - How do you test a testing software? Bending geographic maps for enhanced railway space-time diagrams
12:30 gen_statem Unveiled: A Theoretical Exploration of State Machines Shig: distribute and clone live streams among Fediverse instances Hardware pointer checks in a Rust application near you? Universal Serial Bug - a tale of spontaneous modem resets Collabora Online: WASM The API Landscape : mapping the 2000+ API and opensource tooling for Developers AOMP Compiler Kung Fu: Mastering Optimization Flags and Environment Variables for Performance Making VirtIO sing - implementing virtio-sound in rust-vmm project From Grassroots to Standard Practice: how an Open Science society shaped university initiatives An in-depth look at JFR in GraalVM and how it compares to JFR in OpenJDK Embedded Security 2023 Efficient Integration Testing in Go: A Case Study on Dapr
  Unraveling JavaScript's Heart: Mastering the Event Loop for Peak Performance ipt_geofence: Protecting Networks using GeoFencing, Blocklists and Service Analysis
  Crash-consistent group snapshots in CephFS for k8s CSI and you! GridSuite and PowSyBl: an Open Source approach to develop advanced tools for grid analysis and simulation of power systems. Reinventing database exploration with Azimutt
12:45 FOSS CAD/EDA tools supporting the open access PDK initiative MARECO algorithm: how to drive a train using the least amount of energy Bridging contributor's knowledge and the technology of The Turing Way, an open guide for data science
  MicroBlocks Workshop Corinna—Perl's new object-oriented system Composefs and containers
  Guess Less with Erlang Doctor Proving Performance Network Function Abstraction: A delicate question of (CPU) affinity ?
13:00 The Regulators Are Coming: One Year On An engineer's guide to Linux Kernel upgrades Collabora Online usability optimization LFEnergy SEAPATH - Easier Operations in Electrical Substations through Digital Twin Empowerment Passbolt - Open source password manager for teams Outreachy Connect: Newcomers & Old friends Extracting Mini-Apps from HPC software for Total Cost of Ownership optimized systems procurement OpenStack Cluster Installer (aka: OCI): the Debian way to manage your OpenStack deployments The CarpentriesOffline: Teaching Foundational Data Science and Coding Skills with Little or no Internet Access Foreign Function & Memory API V4L2 Stateless Video Encoding: Hardware Support and uAPI Effortless Bug Hunting with Differential Fuzzing
  Railway signaling: detecting conflicts in a complex world
  The Biome toolchain Getting AV1/SVC to work in the Janus WebRTC Server Deploy Fast, Without Breaking Things: Level Up APIOps With OpenTelemetry
13:15 The Linux Phone App Ecosystem
  Implementing UDP protocols in Elixir OpenSTEF: Opensource Short Term Energy Forecasting Kùzu: A Graph Database Management System for Python Graph Data Science Testing iptables firewall rules with scapy
  How we at Deutsche Bahn develop IoT use cases quickly and cost-effectively libamicontained: a low-level library for reasoning about resource restriction
13:30 CERN's Open Source Storage Systems The Art of Concurrent Scripting with Raku Document collaboration made simpler: Revealing the concept of rooms in ONLYOFFICE DocSpace PyPartMC: engineering Python-to-Fortran bindings in C++, for use in Julia and Matlab Exercising QEMU generated ACPI/SMBIOS tables using Biosbits from within a guest VM. The French Open Science Monitor: steering the science based on open bibliographic databases A fully open source stack for MIPI cameras Maintaining Go as a day job - a year later
  Ruby on the Modern JVM: Fibers, FFI, and More
  Using the ECP5 for Libre-SOC prototyping Staying Ahead of the Game: JavaScript Security Friend or Foe Inside? Exploring In-Process Isolation to Maintain Memory Safety for Unsafe Rust Unleash the Power of Flexibility with Shapeshifter: A Universal Flex Trading Protocol Testing Containers with Python and pytest
13:45 Evolve your (web)app while it is running Infra Finder: Increasing visibility of open technologies for open science iputils project introduction
  Using GStreamer to build real-time applications with Golang Evolving your APIs, a step-by-step approach
  Updates from the PSC Transportr: the Past, the Present and the Future
14:00 Copyleft and the GPL: Finding the Path Forward to Defend our Software Right to Repair Snap! workshop Using your Laptop TPM as a Secure Key Store: Are we there yet? Flutter - about the nightmare of cross platform development targetting Linux mobile openDesk - The Open Source collaborative suite OpenSCD: Everything Everywhere All at Once GnuCOBOL, the Free Industrial-ready Alternative for COBOL! Cost-Effective AI Processing with Open Source Infrastructure Feeding ML models with the data from the databases in real-time One SDN to connect them all Using chroots in a single Linux Container as an alternative to docker-compose Best practices for research in open source ecosystems VPP: 100Mpps of MPLS on a Linux PC enioka Scan: say No! to vendor lock-in for your barcode scanners How we almost secured our projects by writing more tests
  The Four Horsemen of Bad Rust Code
  Software needs of a volunteer operated heritage railway Type-safe Queries with Gleam & GraphQL Warewulf: an overview, new features , and community updates Virtual Thread’s Next Steps
14:15 Codebase Conquest: How Nx Turbocharged Our React Workflow
  CephFS at CERN in view of Disaster Recovery Ensuring Longevity: Strategies for Sustainable FLOSS Projects. HPC-oriented Large-scale Code Restructurings with Coccinelle Orchestrating Change: Automating GÉANT Network Migration The Small Device C Compiler (SDCC)
  Closing Railways and Open Transport devroom
14:30 How open source projects approach Functional Safety Building open source telephone agents using LLMs 5G in ModemManager Power to the People - Technology for Access to Energy Deploy Kubernetes... From Kubernetes: an overview of Cluster API PHAIDRA - A Repository Where Research Data Goes to Live (Not to Die). Dependency injection: a different way to structure a project
  HPC Container Conformance Soft Reboot: keep your containers running while your image-based Linux host gets updated
  Flying higher: hardware offloading with BIRD
14:45 Open Source DocOps Web Performance: Leveraging Qwik to Meet Google's Core Web Vitals Updates and Innovations with the Apptainer Platform Updating open data standards Brewing Free Beer with ESPHome and Home Assistant
  Introducing Ratatui: A Rust library to cook up terminal user interfaces Another approach to AI
  Deploying a hyper-converged infrastructure with Ceph across the Cloud-Edge Continuum The Challenges of Running the Fuzion Language Natively on the OpenJDK
15:00 Privacy-respecting usage metrics for free software projects Hactorscript in ART: Bug-free Software on Unhackable Hardware The best `case` scenario Writing a consistent-hashing Loadbalancer for the Kong API gateway (ketama principle) Droidian - Bridging the gap between various platforms with convergence Sharing the operational cost of Europe's electricity grid: optimization and transparency through open source Documenting and Fixing Non-Reproducible Builds due to Configuration Options Introduction to the Public Code and Digital Public Goods devroom Weblate BoF Thunderbird: Why Visual Change Is Good Automating Spark (and Pipeline) Upgrades While "Testing" in Production Welcome to the Legal and Policy Issues Devroom Operating Kubernetes Across Hypervisors with Cluster API & GitOps Juggling with UIDs and GIDs: rootless container deployment with Ansible Wikimedia projects and OpenStreetMap as an Open Research Infrastructure Embiggen the Box: Extending NetBox Putting an end to Makefiles in go projects with GoReleaser A microkernel-based orchestrator for distributed Internet services?
  Debug your stage-1 systemd with GDB and the NixOS test framework RHEL and CentOS and the growth of openwashing in FOSS Dora-rs: simplifying robotics stack for next gen robots
  ZIM Workshop Skynet: introducing local AI summaries in Jitsi Meet How do you change the governance model of an established open source project?
15:15 Style as code: Using open source tooling to codify technical documentation style Can we simplify charting libraries? Sustainable Open Source Development What's new in Containerd 2.0! ZeekJS: JavaScript support in Zeek
  Using Generative AI and Content Service Platforms together Platform engineering for dummies OpenJDK Project Wakefield : The Wayland Desktop for JDK on Linux
  A Modular Approach to Effortless and Dependency-Aware Unikernel Building
15:30 Chorus - Effortless Ceph S3 Petabyte Migration DNS for I2P: Distributed Network without Central Authority Love rr, Love rr, you're so good to me Genode on the PinePhone on track to real-world usability Quartz Solar OS: Building an open source AI solar forecast for everyone Reimagining Personal Computing with E ink: Community Insights and Design Challenges RDF Dataset Canonicalization: scalable security for Linked Data #snapsafety: de-duplicating state across Virtual Machine clones Detecting Propaganda on Facebook and Instagram Ads using Meta API k8gb meets Cluster API Vehicle Abstraction in Automotive Grade Linux with Eclipse Kuksa REST in Peace: using generics to remove REST boilerplate
  WASM 101: porting a Sega Game Gear emulator to the browser
  Building your own JavaScript runtime with Rust Taming the Beast: Managing High-Growth Postgres Databases at CircleCI Orchestrating eBPF Applications in Kubernetes and Fedora
15:45 A front-end journey back to Rails Taming Abstraction Some updates on Public Code in Germany Meritocracy or Do-ocracy - why diversity is still hard and what can we do
  Moving real-time AI inference to the edge with Infernos Web Accessibility and Environmental Sustainability and with Popular CMS Zeroing and the semantic gap between host and guest Bringing routes to Kubernetes nodes via BGP: introducing frr-k8s Run Node.js in a unikernel reliably
  Help us improve time manipulation with GDB
16:00 Ingesting and analyzing millions of events per second in real-time using open source tools The D Programming Language for Modern Open Source Development Algo-rollover for .nl A Deep Dive into Tower Wayland's input-method is broken and it's my fault Can open source development drive energy transition? PyPSA-Earth experience ε-serde / mem_dbg / sux / dsi-bitstream / webgraph: a Rust ecosystem for large graph processing Flathub / Flatpak BOF Liquid Prompt: yes, we can drastically rethink the design of a shell prompt Semantically-driven data management solution for I/O intensive HPC workflows Figuring out trademark policy on the fly Pipewire audio backend in QEMU Unlocking Research Data Management with InvenioRDM Zephyr and RISC-V: I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghosts Low code graphical apps with Go top to bottom!
  SMB for Linux with SMB3 POSIX extensions
  MessageFormat: The future of i18n on the web
16:15 Easily Going Beyond MarkDown with Material for MkDocs GNU Health. Incorporating Digital Public Goods in the European healthcare system Lift and shift: Modernising a legacy LAMP application with systemd-nspawn Making OpenRefine more reproducible Multi-network in Kubernetes: No batteries included Using the NOVA Microhypervisor for Trusted Computing at Scale
  GDevelop Besides Web: a Worker story. ROCgdb, GDB and AMDGPU debugging Using elliptic curve cryptography for the purposes of identity Please Make It Make Sense: Product Management Methods to Make Your Project's Purpose Clear Bespoke containers with Jlink and OpenShift
16:30 Bootstrapping time on OpenBSD Build your ENUM LCR Server using CGRateS Why not run OpenCL-accelerated LLM on your phone? Carbon measurement and energy attribution for processes and hardware devices in the Linux kernel The Orthanc ecosystem for medical imaging Bad UX is Bad Security: Adventures in Qubes OS UX Design RCTab Cloud Subscription Management System GPL’s Termination under German Law AI-Driven Observability and Operations in Cloud-Edge Systems Node Reduction through Artificial Intelligence Inferences using Graphology and SigmaJS: A Case Study on Hypertextual Conversations in Freight Train Graffiti in the North American Region. Declarative Networking in Declarative World An open-source, open-hardware offline finding system Creating a multiplayer game in Go, from zero
  Cristal: a new Wiki UI to rule them all Timestamping with opentimestamps vscode-container-wasm: An Extension of VSCode on Browser for Running Containers Within Your Browser A beginner's guide to Backports
16:45 GDB on Windows: status & plans Docsy for documentation: looking back, looking forward Embedding Servo in Rust projects I want my own cellular network! Having fun with LTE networks and Open5Gs.
  Cryptography against AI: Deepfake resistant WebRTC videocalls OSPO4Good UN Event report & 2024 Call for Participation Unikernels Are Here: Building, Running and Deploying Application Unikernels With One Command
  Exploring Samba on various File Systems: Bridging ideas and enthusiasts together Compliance as a Community Effort: Engaging Contributors and Users
17:00 Will the first Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) instance be free or open-source software? One way forward: finding a path to what comes after Unix Let's make people love domain names again The Journey to Ubuntu Touch 20.04 on PINE64 Advanced Linux Power Management Evaluation using Perf From disconnected elements to a harmonious ecosystem : The Epiverse-TRACE project AlekSIS - What are the needs of a free school information system? Web-accessibility for open-source privacy & security tools Vector Search in Modern Databases Fireside Chat on Further Restrictions, Imposed Downstream on Copyleft, Wreaking Havoc Bare-Metal Networking For Everyone Qadence - A library for Digital Analog Quantum Computing Cryostat: JFR in the cloud From an artificial nose weekend hack to a future-proof IoT device [Replacement Talk] Having fun with MIDI and Go
  The world of Passkeys Legislation Editing Open Software (LEOS) - an innovative open-source solution for drafting legislation​ OpenRAN & Open Source: The Cool Kids of Telecom - Shaking Up 5G/LTE Networks
  Online Debugging and ABI Data Services SecSIPIdX - Library, CLI tool and RESTApi server for STIR/SHAKEN Thunderbird: How to Exchange Rot For Rust Pushing Tiki to its limits From Excel to Grist: the example of a massive transition towards open-source software and contribution by a French government agency
17:15 Drop the docs and embrace the model with Gaphor Gno.land: Improve Your Understanding of Our World Zero-touch Infrastructure for Container Applications Is Toro unikernel faster for MPI?
  All Things Astro How can Open-Source help the Wind Power industry? TruBudget - a DPG to support the project workflow in international multi-stakeholder environments
  Intro to Janssen: Managing inter-domain trust and security The JVM vs. WebAssembly: An In-Depth Comparative Analysis
17:30 Hedy Advances in Garage, the low-tech storage platform for geo-distributed clusters dnsconfd: system integrated DNS cache Towards a bright future with Mobian? Moodle: Empowering educators to improve our world Single-vendor is the new proprietary NFD: Simplifying Cluster Administration through Automated Node Labels, Taints, and Annotations Instant Ramen: Quick and easy multi-cluster Kubernetes development on your laptop Science without secrets – how Galaxy democratizes data analysis Navigating the Networking Maze of Kubernetes: A Journey of Discovery, Confusion, and (Hopefully) Enlightenment Linux CAN upstreaming on MMU-less systems Smartwatch firmware... in Go? On TinyGo, small displays, and building a delightful developer experience
  Poke all the microcontrollers! Fiscal sponsorship for / and FOSS projects
  Backtracie and the quest for prettier Ruby backtraces Experimenting with AI and LLM to make docs searchable through a chat application How to get rid of Confluence: Comparing Open Source Knowledgemanagent Systems Energy optimisation: smart home meets smart district The new Swiss Open Source Law: "Public Money Public Code" by default News from the Hermit Crab — From Soundness Foundations to GPU Virtualization
17:45 What can digital open source projects do to reduce our environmental footprint Workflow managers in high-energy physics: enhancing analyses with Snakemake Securing 1M+ devices: My learnings from working as an IoT Architect
  Provide VoLTE/VoNR using OpenSIPS 3.5 Open Terms Archive Modern Build Systems for Containers Inner Workings of Safepoints
  Better Bee Be Better: spot more bugs than TS with less than JS Fighting cancer with Rust OpenFisca
18:00 Learning from disaster response teams to save the internet First Aid Kit for C/C++ Server Performance Domain: A modular Rust DNS toolkit Verrou : a valgrind tool dedicated to floating point error diagnosis Daily blogging embedded Gecko development A journey accross the environmental materiality of digital services Developing in Public : Open Source Tech Education How the Kubernetes Community is Improving Kubernetes for HPC/AI/ML Workloads Open Neuroscience: practical suggestions for conducting open neuroscience research Netfilter or eBPF? Use both with bpfilter! Flutter, Buildroot, and you! Go Without Wires Strikes Back Linux Binary Compatible Unikernels with Unikraft
  Embeddable code playgrounds for fun and profit The Challenges of Creating a FOSS Fact-Checking Platform for the Brazilian Community Hot Topics: Organizers of the Legal & Policy DevRoom discuss the issues of the day Java… to unlock GPU acceleration for Polyglot Language Runtimes
18:15 MicroCeph: Get Ceph Up and Running in Minutes Deploy Your Next Ruby App with WebAssembly (Wasm): Smaller, Safer, Faster Packet Where aRe You - An eBPF based tool for diagnosing Linux networking
  The journey of hacking in a new serde dataformat Support Dynamically Linked Executables via Linux ld.so and Implement ENA Driver to Expand Application of OSv
  From Containers to Unikernels: Navigating Integration Challenges in Cloud-Native Environments
18:30 Magic and Software The first 13 years of blockchain name systems Who's testing the tests? Mutation testing with StrykerJS PineTime: A Programmer's Toy and Beyond Power profiling my entire house with the Firefox Profiler Open Source Railway Designer (OSRD): why SNCF Réseau start an open source project ? Penpot 2.0 is here! Kubernetes and HPC: Bare-metal bros MiniMill: a miniature Field Mill Electrometer for airborne platforms Google Home, But Better: Building our own Smart Home Display with Flutter Go Lightning Talks
  Container Storage Interface Addons: Extending CSI specification to provide advanced storage operations
  Apache Maven 4.0.0 - Current State Streamlining application development for Genode with Goa
  Closing Energy: Reimagining this Ecosystem through Open Source devroom