Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


trx-control - modern software to control amateur radio transceivers and other hamradio hardware

The trx-control project is a modern, modular, and, extensible software system to control transceivers, usb relays, rotators and other ham related gear. Client-server by nature, supporting plain TCP/IP and WebSockets on one side, offering a flexible way to attach hardware and transceivers on the other side. Internally fully multi-threaded and asynchronous. trx-control is a completely fresh approach at controlling transceivers. It provides a rock-solid, multi-threaded, asynchronous framework to control different classes of hardware. It supports transceivers that are able to send status updates on their own as well as transceivers that need polling.

A main goal of the development was that adding drivers for new transceivers (or other types of hardware) is easy and can be done in an easy-to-learn, easy-to-understand scripting language, Lua in this case.

This talk will - given the limited time available - describe the project without going too much into details. For those interested, the full source code is available on GitHub under a liberal open source license.


Photo of Marc Balmer Marc Balmer