← / Janson J.1.106 K.1.105 (La Fontaine) K.3.201 K.3.401 K.4.201 K.4.401 K.4.601 H.1301 (Cornil) H.1302 (Depage) H.1308 (Rolin) H.1309 (Van Rijn) H.2111 H.2213 H.2214 H.2215 (Ferrer) H.3242 H.3244 AW1.120 AW1.121 AW1.126 UA2.114 (Baudoux) UA2.118 (Henriot) UA2.220 (Guillissen) UB2.147 UB2.252A (Lameere) UB4.132 UB4.136 UB4.228 UB5.132 UB5.230 UD2.120 (Chavanne) UD2.218A UD2.110 UD2.208 (Decroly)
09:00 Where Did All the Fun Go? And How to Bring it Back with FOSS! MicroBlocks Workshop 20 Years of Open Source building XWiki and CryptPad Welcome to the Translations DevRoom Welcome to the Identity and Access Management devroom! Welcome to the GCC dev room Welcome to the SBOM devroom Opening and Welcome — Introducing the Open Website Alliance and Today's Program MIT App Inventor Units of composition: recipes, overlays, and packages Welcome to the Open Hardware devroom Yet another event sourcing library Welcome to the Modern Email DevRoom 💌 The importance of Web Performance to Information Equity Welcome to the EU Policy Workshop Devroom Welcome to the RISC-V devroom UKIs, TPMs, immutable initrds and full disk encryption – What Distributions Should Keep in Mind when Hopping onto the System Integrity Train Welcome to the Monitoring & Observability devroom Welcome to the Devroom and Announcements An Introduction to Open Source AI How to Win 1st Place in the Kernel Patch Statistics - Tools and Workflows How do you write an emulator anyway ? Beyond Joins and Indexes How to Use Private Data in Generative AI: End-to-End Solution for Retrieval Augmented Generation with CrateDB and LangChain Welcome to Testing and Continuous Delivery devroom
  Localization of Open Source Tools into Swahili GCC for new contributors SPDX 3.0 - a migration journey [Protocols] Security of STARTTLS in the E-Mail Context Streamlining Developer Experience: The Power of CI/CD Standardization and Interoperability
  Multi-disciplinary geometry (libraries) in BIM and the IfcOpenShell software library CRA & PLD: [begin workshop] How will the open-source community adapt to the new EU Cyber Resilience Act and Product Liability Directive Cracking the Code to Executive Support: Open Source Edition Auto Instrumentation for your NodeJS Application on Kubernetes.
09:15 SpiceDB: mature, open source ReBAC Defend FOSS: From innovation to world-wide positive change CRA: 40 new ways the CRA can accidentally harm open source MAMBO - Dynamic Binary Modification Tool for RISC-V Compressive Progress: A Very Sparse Update on GNU Radio
  The Old Remains New PLD: When software causes harm – who pays and why?
  [Protocols] Things we wish we knew before starting an IMAP library CRA & PLD: panel
09:30 A universal data model for localizable messages Overview of SPDX tooling and how SPDX3 gets adopted Fortifying the Foundations: Elevating Security in Nix and NixOS Let's build a RUM system with open source tools Using GPU for real-time SDR Signal processing From OpenLLM-France to OpenLLM-Europe: Paving the way to sovereign and open source AI A murder party with Lea
  How to bring up GCC for your new chip Streamlining kernel hacking with mkosi-kernel
  Dune 3D - the making of a maker's tool declarative calcs and visualization with calculang Ghosting the hardware
09:45 Agama: Low-Code Web Identity Orchestration FOSS for FOSS: DejaCode is your new FOSS control center for SBOMs AI DevRels - Risks of Neglecting Open Source Talent in AI Critical Infrastructure Building Open Source Language Models
  When Prometheus Met OpenTelemetry Panda3DS: Climbing the tree of 3DS emulation
10:00 Opening up communication silos with Matrix 2.0 and the EU Digital Markets Act You too could have made curl! My experience as a first time contributor to GCC's LTO Panel discussion: Software Naming Packaging Bazel and Bazel-based packages Comprehensible Open Hardware: Building the Open Book For Want of Anneal: Examining The Unseen Changes Concerning Changes To VCS Assets and The Need For More Graph Centric Approaches [Protocols] Unicode in email: RCPT TO:<grå@grå.org> Better than loading fast… is loading instantly! Compiler Options Hardening for C and C++ NLnet office hour Lessons from porting software to RISC-V @ RISE Adapting Your Project: Making Changes Without Breaking Linux Distributions trx-control - modern software to control amateur radio transceivers and other hamradio hardware LinTO Studio as Your Ultimate Open Source AI-driven Media Management Solution Isolation Levels and MVCC in SQL Databases: A Technical Comparative Study `New` Workflow Orchestrator in town: "Apache Airflow 2.x"
  Pushing test lab to its limits: performance tracking techniques
  CoderDojo Happy translating! It is possible to overcome the language barrier in Open Source! CoderDojo libvpoll: create synthetic events for poll, select and friends
10:15 Improving Infrastructure Security Through Access Auditing Unicode Support for GCC Rust Open source leadership at scale, how 1300+ people improved Drupal’s multilingual features CRA & PLD: workshop LangChain From 0 To 1: Unveiling the Power of LLM Programming
  FreeCAD - state of the union How to create the universal operating system Mind the gap: Building a cultural commitment to documentation maintenance Open Source in 2024: boundaries, burnout, business
  [JMAP] JMAP: Getting Started
10:30 Role of IGA in Access Management with Multilateral Identities SBOM: What's next? Remediating thousands of untracked security vulnerabilities in nixpkgs Keyboard Interactions Enhancing Linux Accessibility: A Unified Approach Strategic Sampling: Architectural Approaches to Efficient Telemetry Covert Ground Based Synthetic Aperture RADAR using a WiFi emitter and SDR receiver WebAssembly, WebComponents and media filters all at once: a proposal to open the Web to variety of formats Data workflows: translating dbt to Apache Airflow
  What can Compiler-Explorer do for GCC More flexible user namespaces Performance testing and why even the imperfect one is important
  How much math can you fit in 700K? A Lazy Developer’s Approach to Building Real-Time Web Applications Breathing Life into Legacy: An Open-Source Emulator of Legacy Apple Devices
10:45 Protobom: The Universal I/O Layer of SBOM [JMAP] OpenXPort JMAP: a PHP library for Data Portability Unleashing RISC-V in Managed Runtimes: Navigating Extensions, Memory Models, and Performance Challenges in OpenJDK ML Guided Optimizations in LLVM
  Lessons learnt as a translation contributor the past 4 years KiCad Status Update Web Performance at Mozilla and Wikimedia
  Unlocking Secret Analysis in GCC Static Analyzer [JMAP] Intro to Ltt.rs a JMAP client for Android Where are the limits of open communities?
11:00 Alexandria3k: Researching the world's knowledge on your laptop OpenPrinting - We make printing just work! FusionIAM - a full Open Source Identity & Access Management solution Know Your Ingredients: Security Starts With the SBOM Making FOSS CMS easier to teach with shared competency standards Nix for genetics : powering a bioinformatics pipeline Scheme in the Browser with Guile Hoot and WebAssembly Understanding how the web browser works, or tracing your way out of (performance) problems Unpack Phabricator, Welcome Phorge - Forking the Opinionated Open Source Project Manager CRA & PLD: CRA conformance for Open Source Projects Telemetry BOF Design of a follow-up QO-100 payload - GStreamer: State of the Union 2024 Reducing Costs and Improving Performance With Data Modeling in Postgres A slow migration from Django templates to Vue+GraphQL
  Automatic boot assessment with boot counting CRA & PLD: rapporteur playback
  Typhon: Nix-based continuous integration Unifying Observability: The Power of a Common Schema squash the flakes! - how to minimize the impact of flaky tests
11:15 rix: an R package for reproducible dev environments with Nix [Servers] Exchanging Microsoft: Implementing 27 MS Exchange Protocols & APIs in OSS with grommunio FOSS policy engagement: [begin workshop] OSS Exchange with policy makers and policy support of OSS developers two faces of the same coin? Practical Introduction to Safe Reinforcement Learning CONFEDSS: Concolic execution and the puzzling practice of peripheral emulation
  Hedy Workshop Yacking about Bison Snap! Preparing a 30 year-long project with Nix and NixOS RISC-V Bootstrapping in Guix and Live-Bootstrap geOrchestra Spatial Data Infrastructure Linux Kernel TPM security and Trusted Key updates
  FOSS policy engagement: a CRA retrospective.
11:30 Long Term Effort to Keep Translations Up-To-Date Add user self-management, brokerage and federation to your infrastructure with Keycloak Make your software products trustable Running NLnet on NixOS LibrePCB Status Update Fast JavaScript with Data-Oriented Design A framework for RISC-V SBI verification and ISA extension validation The State of Funding Free & Open Source Software The State of Enterprise Linux 2024 SPINO - Versatile telecommunication solution suitable for nanosatellites and Cubesats. Open Discussion on AI and Machine Learning Streaming live using RIST On Demand to thousands, how you can have your cake and eat it too Django migrations, friend or foe? Optimize them for testing
  [Servers] Aerogramme, a multi-region IMAP server FOSS policy engagement: The impact of the NGI Open Source projects on EU policy and values
  Can the mold linker be /usr/bin/ld? Self-hosting and autonomy using guix-forge 0 A.D. game: Vulkan API
11:45 Can SBOMs become first-class citizens in Open Source ecosystems? Breaking Barriers: Content Management Systems and Accessibility FOSS policy engagement: EU FOSS Act From "Free-Lunch" to Dog-Fooding: A Culinary Journey in Crafting IaC for Kairos Testing and Building
  Linux load average and other silly metrics
  ngspice circuit simulator - stand-alone and embedded into KiCad [Servers] Apache James: Modular email server FOSS policy engagement: panel
12:00 How to Build an Open Source School Cloud for 5 Million Users SCION, hitting the future Internet road: Next-generation Internet ecosystem and burgeoning opportunities Ipa-tuura: FreeIPA connector for Keycloak SPDX in the Yocto Project Clevis/Tang: unattended boot of an encrypted NixOS system Spritely, Guile, Guix: a unified vision for user security From Google AdSense to FOSS: Lightning-fast privacy-friendly banners Building the world's virtual classroom NetworkManager community meetup FOSDEM 2024 AlmaLinux: How to make a RHEL compatible distribution Maia SDR: an open-source FPGA-based project for AD936x+Zynq radios Introducing 'Refiners' – A Micro-Framework for Seamless Integration of Adapters in Neural Networks The state of video offloading on the Linux Desktop Arm64EC: Microsoft's emulation Frankenstein Clustering in PostgreSQL: Because one database server is never enough (and neither is two) Powerflexible cryptography with Python and Flightbox!
  The Many Hats of a Maintainer: Organizational Design That Helps Reduce Them Linux Matchmaking: Helping devices and drivers find each other Practical CI/CD Observability with OpenTelemetry
  Using Open Source AIs for Accessibility and Localization Build Distribution for Maintaining the Famous GCC 4.7
12:15 How to make SPDX industry standard for AI/ML [Servers] Mox: a modern full-featured mail server
  Insights from the RUM Archive Attempt at building a transit app in Africa
  Sega Dreamcast Homebrew with GCC Youth Hacking 4 Freedom Five years of Teal: minimalism versus growth in language design
12:30 Private clouds do not need to be legacy! MIT App Inventor Workshop Passkey authentication - the result Application of the SPDX Safety Profile in the Safety Scope of the Zephyr Project Live coding music with MicroBlocks and microcontrollers. FOSS policy engagement: Fishbowl conversation - share your experience mkosi-initrd: Building initrds out of distribution packages Fast, Cheap, DIY Monitoring with Open Source Analytics and Visualization quickstream: a new SDR framework Dynamic Explainability through Dynamic Causal Modeling Livepeer Catalyst and The Conspiracy to Solve Video for Everybody Forever
  Modos: Building an Ecosystem of Open-Hardware E Ink Devices
  [Operations] Enterprise Mail Security with Open Source? Solving community problems with documentation The case for a virtual Rust stateless codec driver Chaos Engineering in Action: Enhancing Resilience in Strimzi
12:45 Post-Quantum Cryptography transition: where we are now System for Television Off-air Recording and Archiving, BFI National Television Archive AI for Developers: Treating Open Source AI as a Function
  [Operations] A user provisioning API for PostfixAdmin and Nextcloud using the scim-server-php library
13:00 Firefox power profiling: a powerful visualization of web sustainability Sequoia PGP: Rethinking OpenPGP Tooling SBOMs that you can trust - the good, the bad, and the ugly 17-year journey of the Mozilla Support platform & its community The Basic Economics behind Open Source Funding in 2024 Rust Distro Meetup The Monolith versus the Swarm - A Comparison of openSUSE’s and Fedora’s Build Infrastructures An open source digital radio protocol for amateur radio Multithreading and other developments in the ffmpeg transcoder For Your Eyes Only: Roles, Privileges, and Security in PostgreSQL How can we trust 3rd party code? Using Python to understand the trust relationships within the python ecosystem
  turnip: Update on Open Source Vulkan Driver for Adreno GPUs Do you know YAML?
  [Operations] Rspamd's 15-Year Odyssey: From Hobby to Open Source Impact FOSS policy engagement: rapporteur playback Implementing distributed traces with eBPF
13:15 Beyond passwords: secure authentication with passkeys Welcome to the LLVM dev room Wrestling giants: How can free open source CMSes remain competitive with enterprise clients? The Matrix State of the Union Confidential Computing devroom welcome Open Source Firmware, BMC and Bootloader devroom - intro Open practices for open projects Using Haystack to Build Custom Functionality for LLM Applications From Kernel API to Desktop Integration, how do we integrate battery charge limiting in the desktop Progressive Delivery Made Easy with Argo Rollouts
  Linker Scripts in LLD and how they compare with GNU ld Public services interoperability: [begin workshop] Free/open source and Interoperable European public services Open Source Firmware status on AMD platforms 2024 - 5th edition
  Introduction to BlissLabs and Bliss OS
13:30 12 months of SBOMs - an experience report Diving into PDF.js: the advantages of the web platform QUBIK a 1p PocketQube satellite platform [Clients] Introduction to Thunderbird for Android Desktop Linux, as easy as a smartphone! Just in a Snap! OpenRTX: an open source firmware for ham radio devices StreamCrafter - In browser broadcasting Making Python safer than ever
  Graphics stack updates for Raspberry Pi devices Intel TDX Deep Dive Public services interoperability: The Interoperable Europe Act; the challenges and opportunities for the free and open source communities.
  Snap! Workshop Hedy
13:45 Patch based test coverage for quick test feedback Interoperability & Matrix Introducing the Open Podcast API Public services interoperability: workshop Interoperable Europe Act Using code generated by AI: issues, misconceptions and solutions Welcome to Retrocomputing Devroom
  Training efficient and open source ML models for private translation in Firefox [Clients] Taking care of Roundcube Webmail - current status and future prospects immune Guard: Streamlining Boot and Kernel Security in the Cloud Kickstarting an Open Source Culture: A Guide for Mentors What’s possible in observability when we have frame pointers Converting filesystems to support idmapped mounts The big adventure of little professor and its 4-bits handheld friends running TMS 1000 Own your CI with Nix
14:00 Proving that Cloud Sysadmins Cannot Read your Data! So you think you know Git Making Ansible playbooks to configure Single Sign On for popular open source applications The LLVM Security Group: History, progress, remaining challenges. Phantom dependencies in Python (and what to do about them) Collaborative government websites standardization for digital sovereignty using Open-Source. The model of Rwanda and the GovStack Global initiative A satellite's final safehouse: The deployer [Clients] aerc, an email client for the discerning hacker SEV-Step: A Single-Stepping Framework for AMD-SEV Web Accessibility and ATAG Upstream and downstream, best friends forever? Expanding IQEngine into a Hub for Previewing RF Signal Processing Software PipeWire State of the Union Your Virtual DBA (PostgreSQL on Kubernetes using an Operator) Match all things Python: Parsing structured content with Python's new match statement
  Delegated compositing utilizing Wayland protocols for Chromium on ChromeOS Project websites that don't suck
  Public services interoperability: Open Source efforts in and around the European Commission; and how about a next EC open source strategy Testing Go command line programs with `go-internal/testscript`
14:15 Let's talk Matrix between Governments and Citizens [Security] Modern chat-mail for security-sensitive helplines Reducing the risks of open source AI models and optimizing upsides Gameboy Advance hacking for retrogamers
  Community Driven Data Collection and Consent in AI Public services interoperability: workshop Open Source strategy at the European Commission Standardizing the generation and signing of boot images
  Building a Linux distro with LLVM Shielding Data, Embracing Openness, Optimizing Performance: A Journey Through Trustworthy Environments for Database Systems FOSS for DOCS The Good Governance Handbook: Enabling good OSS usage through OSPOs
14:30 Fixing a Kerberos vulnerability with the bare necessities Open Source based Software Composition Analysis at scale Electronic boards production automation with KiCAD scripts Supporting architecture psABIs with GNU Guix Modern application observability with Grafana and Quickwit DAPNET: Bringing pagers back to the 21st Century Generating music with Open tools, APIs, and NO AI! Annotated, a type hint you can use at runtime
  Greenfield: Wayland in the browser, an update Linux' receive_fd_replace() semantics confusing
  [Security] Modernizing email encryption: the crypto refresh of OpenPGP Running DOS & Unix on an 8-bit Commodore
14:45 Modern editing experiences you can build in your CMS Embracing Matrix for Enhanced Communication: Migrating the WordPress Community from Slack to Matrix Journey to an open source contribution Public services interoperability: rapporteur playback How mutation testing got practical
  Gotta Catch ‘Em All! Raspberry Pi and Java Pokemon Training Google Blockly Debugging HTTP/3 upload speed in Firefox Jumpstarter: Open Hardware In The Loop for everybody systemd-boot, systemd-stub, UKIs
  Passwordless authentication in the GUI The ups and downs of running enclaves in production Digital Services Interoperability: [begin workshop] Introduction
15:00 Open Source for Sustainable and Long lasting Phones Version control post-Git Build your first Clang compilation database plugin Getting lulled into a false sense of security by SBOM and VEX Digital Services Interoperability: What opportunities recent European legislations create for open source business? Special Purpose Operating Systems: The Next Step in OS Evolution or One-Trick Ponies? Building an Open Source Community One Friend at a Time Releasing a Linux based OS: an overview of Flatcar release cycle srsRAN Project Update Fortify AI against regulation, litigation and lobotomies Open Source Community Updates What is Linux kernel keystore and why you should use it in your next application Postgres vs. Linux filesystems Profiling Python with eBPF: A New Frontier in Performance Analysis
  "Scratching an itch... by patching kmscon" or "How OpenGL can lead to systems-programming" [Security] Analysis of the S/MIME ecosystem Aerodynamic Data Models: Flying Fast at Scale with DuckDB A Game Boy and his cellphone
  Digital Services Interoperability: Intertwining EU telecom law, the DMA, internet devices and Free Software What is CI/CD observability, and how to bring observability to CI/CD pipelines?
15:15 NeoDateFix - A solution to organising meetings in Matrix [Security] Thunderbird Email Security, plans and challenges.
  Automated Integration of FreeIPA with AD and External IdP The MDN Curriculum: Better web developers for a better web From hackathon idea to hackaday prize - How we make a Braille embosser. Securing Embedded Systems with fTPM implemented as Trusted Application in TEE Digital Services Interoperability: Panel Discussion - The technical challenges of interoperability requirements in EU law GRUB - Project Status Update Running systemd integration tests with mkosi
  Challenges of supporting multiple versions of LLVM in Intel Graphics Compiler Trusted Postgres Architect - Deploying Postgres with Infrastructure as Code Strategies for Building Healthy Open Source Communities Neo6502 in the Matrix - open source hardware and software modern retro computer with software defined architecture
15:30 Panel discussion: Best practices managing SBOMs in the supply chain Shaping the Future: Investing Wisely in Long-Term Open Source Development with "Five for the Future" An introduction to Image Builder: building up-to-date, customised operating system images the easy way SatDump, A generic satellite data processing software A Principled Component Analysis of Open Source Artificial Intelligence Innovations in H.264/AVC software decoding (Architecture and optimization of a block-based video decoder to reach 10% faster speed and 3x code reduction over the state-of-the-art) Python 3.12's new monitoring and debugging API
  Flutter in Embedded [Security] Email Autoconfiguration, and 2FA for email
15:45 Connecting IBM AIX to Red Hat Identity Manager (FreeIPA) Automated Documentation for Open Source Hardware MatrixRTC: The Future of Matrix Calls The wonderful life of a SQL query in a streaming database A few limitations in the available fs-related system calls PiStorm - The evolution of an open source Amiga accelerator
  Firefox: Good things come in .deb packages Integrity Protect Workloads with Mushroom Kernel command line to configure userspace considered harmful Introducing Observability to an airline
  Making it easy to get to SLSA level 2
16:00 Unveiling the Open Renewable Energy Systems (ORES) Initiative - Panel Discussion Building a Community-Owned Data Confidence Fabric With Distributed Ledgers and Smart Contracts elfconv: AOT compiler that translates Linux/AArch64 ELF binary to LLVM bitcode targeting WebAssembly Sharing and reusing SBOMs with the OSSelot curation database ZIMjs 2D PWA apps into 3D+VR with ThreeJS Building Communities with Science! 2023 in Chimera Linux Searching the cosmic haystack with software radio: the breakthrough listen search for narrowband doppler drifting signals and combatting radio frequency interference Codes Bound by Ethics: The Rising Tide of Non-Free Software Licenses in AI ecosystems FFmpeg VVC Decoder Build Your Own PostgreSQL DBA Out Of Available MySQL DBAs Deploy Your Next Python App with WebAssembly (Wasm): Smaller, Safer, Faster
  Building Cross-platform GUI apps with ease (and Go) - desktop, mobile and beyond! Firefox, Android, and Cross-browser WebExtensions in 2024 Switching the FOSDEM conference management system to pretalx Digital Services Interoperability: Workshop - The technical challenges of interoperability requirements in EU law
  Empowering FreeIPA: a dive into the modern WebUI Sharing parametric models as web apps with replicad [StructuredEmail] Structured Vacation Notices and Structured Email for Roundcube A journey documenting the Sanco 8003 computer
16:15 Roundtable Round-Off on FOSS CMS Collaboration Reproducible builds for confidential computing: Why remote attestation is worthless without it Moving a step closer to defining Open Source AI
  TrenchBoot - project status update Packet, where are you?: Track in the stack with pwru
  [StructuredEmail] When is my flight? - Semantic data extraction in KMail and Nextcloud Mail FOSDEM infrastructure review
16:30 The Case For Inventoring Corresponding Source in SBOMs Testing in a Box: Streamlining Embedded Systems Testing The state of the Matrix Rust SDK in 2023 Homebrew's Evolution Netdata: Open Source, Distributed Observability Pipeline - Journey and Challenges. SIDLOC: Spacecraft Identification and Localization system Edit video/audio with or without Vim How I've Built a Web Frontend for a Federated Communication Tool with Brython Are Project Tests Enough for Automated Dependency Updates? A Case Study of 262 Java Projects on Github
  The FIM (Fbi IMproved) Universal Image Viewer, in a Nutshell POSIX identities out of OAuth2 identity providers: how to redesign SSSD and Samba? Map LLVM values to corresponding source-level expressions Integrating LLMs: Intelligence is tricky S2S: PeerTube instance dedicated to Sign Language Controlling a 6 degree Robot Arm using a 48K ZX Spectrum
  Increasing Trust and Preserving Privacy: Advancing Remote Attestation 5G-MAG Reference Tools: Bringing 5G Media to Life
16:45 [Ending] It's all about the email. Ugh, what? Open Source AI at TechWorks, the UK trade body for Electronic Systems Engineering dublang, a multi-language live coding system
  VVdeC<>Arm: Optimizing an open source VVC decoder for Arm architectures
  EU Policy Devroom Wrap-Up Open Source Firmware, BMC and Bootloader devroom - outro
17:00 FOSDEM 2024 Highlights
  Closing FOSDEM 2024