Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


How Much Do You Know about Snapshot

Snapshot functionality stands as a cornerstone in virtualization across key platforms such as Openshift Virtualization/CNV, OSP (OpenStack Platform), and RHEL employing KVM virtualization. Its pivotal role in practical customer environments underscores the significance of understanding its nuances in our virtualization production.

So in my presentation, I'll navigate through:

Introduction to Snapshots: Offering a concise overview of this fundamental feature in virtualization. Practical Use Cases and Benefits: Detailing how snapshots are utilized from customers's perspective, showcasing their immense benefits. Create & Restore Architecture in CNV, OSP, and KVM: Delving into the snapshot architecture in CNV, OSP, and KVM (Libvirt & Qemu), exploring how they enable the creation and restoration of snapshots. Snapshot Status in CNV and OSP: Analyzing the current scenario, primarily focusing on disk snapshots, highlighting the limitations and disadvantages perceived from the customers' standpoint. This will set the stage for discussing the need for VM snapshots. The Case for VM Snapshots and the develop status in KVM layer: Emphasizing the necessity for VM snapshots, understanding why they are essential and how they address the limitations of disk snapshots. And the investigating result of the developmental status of VM snapshots within the KVM layer. Conclusion: Reinforcing the critical role snapshots play in customers' environments, summarizing their significance in virtualization production.


Photo of Tingting Mao Tingting Mao