Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


OpenStack Cluster Installer (aka: OCI): the Debian way to manage your OpenStack deployments

OCI (OpenStack Cluster Installer) is a software to provision an OpenStack clusters automatically. This package installs a provisioning machine, which uses the below components:

  • DHCP server (isc-dhcp-server)
  • PXE boot server (tftp-hpa)
  • web server (apache2)
  • puppet-master

Once computers in the cluster boot for the first time, a Debian live system is served by OCI over PXE, to act as a discovery image. This live system then reports the hardware features back to OCI. Computers can then be installed with Debian from that live system, configured with a puppet-agent that will connect to the puppet-master of OCI. After Debian is installed, the server reboots, and OpenStack services are provisioned, depending on the server role in the cluster.

OCI is fully packaged in Debian, including all of the Puppet modules. After installing the OCI package and its dependencies, no other artificat needs to be installed on your provisioning server, meaning that if a local debian mirror is available, the OpenStack cluster installation can be done completely offline. This presentation will introduce OpenStack Cluster Installer, and explain how it works, its general principle, and why it's a very good solution to manage your OpenStack deployment on Debian.

See details of the project here:


Photo of Thomas Goirand Thomas Goirand