Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Software needs of a volunteer operated heritage railway

Heritage railways are often operated by volunteers who are not computer experts, but they need software and digital services to support various tasks from ticketing, support in day to tay operations to fundraising. There is a need for close contact between the open source world and the heritage railway world. Volunteer run heritage railways operate on a tight budget and with little computer expertise. They need support in ticketing, project planning, customer communication, enterprise management, networking, internal communication, archiving, ... In this talk I will briefly show some of what we are using at Dampfbahn Fränkische Schweiz e.V., which problems we face. I will present an initiative to connect the IT experts with museum railways. Goal of the talk is to raise awareness in the open source communicty on the needs and challenges in heritage railways, as well as starting a dialogue between the two communities.


Photo of Nils Pickert Nils Pickert