Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Journey to an open source contribution

Follow me in an open source rabbit hole, from simple to more complex contributions.

You might be thinking:

"Open source can be intimidating: long pull requests, complex subjects... Where do I start?"

Follow me on a journey to a contribution on Bevy game engine and its ecosystem:

  • At first I wanted my users to input an email on my app: I couldn't input "@".

  • Then I wanted to paste a one-time password: I couldn't paste on web.

That's where open source truly shines! Let's follow the trail and make things better.

I jumped into rabbit holes, fixing stuff along the way, ending up updating an important bevy dependency.

Open source can be intimidating, but there's no magic, and you can help too!


Photo of Thierry Berger Thierry Berger