Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Bringing routes to Kubernetes nodes via BGP: introducing frr-k8s

In this talk I am going to present frr-k8s, a kubernetes wrapper of the popular FRRRouting project that was just released. I will describe:

  • how the project can be used to deploy FRR on a kubernetes cluster in an effective way
  • what features of FRR (specifically, BGP related) can be leveraged in order to simplify cluster networking
  • how to use this project in combination of MetalLB (which is a spinoff of), to leverage a single FRR instance for multiple purposes
  • what are some of the network related problems that can be solved with this new component
  • a quick summary of the internals of the project

By using this new project, the listeners will be able to handle some of the networking they are probably already facing in a more scalable and maintainable way.


Photo of Federico Paolinelli Federico Paolinelli