Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Desktop Linux, as easy as a smartphone! Just in a Snap!

Have you already thought about how the applications we develop get distributed to end users?

Often developers only provide the source code. So for not so tech-savvy users the major distributions need to pick up projects and package it, and maintain it for new releases.

This is why there is a need for distribution-independent, secure, and easy-to-use packaging, like on smartphones. This exists also for Linux ... Among the options, there is Snap! Applications are easy to find in the Snap Store and they are installable on most Linux distributions.

And, to make Linux even easier for end users, we cannot only provide applications in the Snap format, but also have an all-Snap operating system, Ubuntu Core Desktop, an immutable core operating system based on Snap. And here we do not only have Snaps of desktop applications, but also system applications and components (like the printing stack), the kernel, the desktop environment (like GNOME or KDE), the boot loader, and the core system. So everything can get easily updated or replaced by alternatives, and in case of failure one can easily revert (on boot failure we revert automatically).

All this is based on the knowledge and experience we gained at Canonical when creating the smartphone operating system Ubuntu Touch. After the phone project having been discontinued we started with the IoT system Ubuntu Core, snapped desktop applications, ...

More about Snap: The Powers, The People

Want to learn snapping? Here are my 3 workshops!

How I, as leader of OpenPrinting, got a Snap enthusiast: Linux Saloon on YouTube

Want to see Ubuntu Core Desktop live on the FOSDEM? I will have a Virtual Machine on my laptop. Perhaps Philipp Kewisch will have Ubuntu Core Desktop on an Intel NUC and also perhaps Alan Pope ("Popey") will bring a demo installation.

By the way, Popey had already succeeded to install and run Ubuntu Core Desktop on his Steam Deck.


Photo of Till Kamppeter Till Kamppeter