Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Exploring Samba on various File Systems: Bridging ideas and enthusiasts together

Are you curious about how files from different operating systems talk to each other?

Samba is like a magic translator for computers that speak different file-sharing languages. It's a software that helps different types of operating systems, like Windows and Linux to talk to each other and share files and even printers!

Lets explore about Samba and its integration within the Samba in SIT Environment. This session illuminates a defined path for enthusiasts looking to dig deeper by introducing a hassle free integration of samba on various file systems like XFS, GlusterFS, CephFS etc. You can even see us demonstrating it!

Through the lens of SIT Test Cases, housed on GitHub, we'll explore tangible insights gained from experimenting with Samba across different file systems.

Join us as we unravel the possibilities. Try using Samba on your favorite file system. Contribute to Samba Integration Testing(SIT) environment and SIT Test Cases and help in making Samba best compliant on your favorite filesystems.


Photo of Shwetha Acharya Shwetha Acharya