Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Design of a follow-up QO-100 payload -

The satellite amateur community has often spurred innovations in the field of satellite communications. The QO-100 payload in geostationary orbit has opened up a new community that is familiar with SDRs and experiments with waveforms.

The satellite communications group of the European Space Agency (ESA) would like to support the collection of requirements, ideas and designs for a follow-up of - in collaboration with IARU and various AMSAT communities.

We would like to collect lessons learned and ideas on a QO-100 follow up, and trade-off some design together with amateurs, industry and ESA.

This talk will present some first ideas, but is in particular meant to reach out to the SDR community on this initiative.


Photo of Frank Zeppenfeldt Frank Zeppenfeldt