Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


The D Programming Language for Modern Open Source Development

The D programming language has been quietly growing for well over two decades. This modern programming language supports multiple programming paradigms, a range of memory safety features, and an ecosystem with 3 open source compilers. So why should an open source developer consider learning or using the D programming language? In this talk I will show examples of how D has replaced all of my Python code for my projects, and why I think D truly is a language that allows you to "write fast, read fast, and run fast" code. I will introduce the language, several of my favorite productivity features, and tools in the D programming language ecosystem. Throughout the talk, the audience will also be pointed to several open source tools written in the D language to be inspired from. Audience members looking for a new language to learn, or otherwise the programming language enthusiast may also benefit from a tour of the D language and its features.


Photo of Mike Shah Mike Shah