Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Operating Kubernetes Across Hypervisors with Cluster API & GitOps

Do you struggle with managing Kubernetes across different hypervisors? How can you make sure things run smoothly no matter where your clusters are?

In this talk, we'll introduce you to Cluster API, a powerful tool designed to simplify the setup and management of Kubernetes across diverse environments. Through a live demo and a real-world example, we'll showcase how Cluster API, coupled with GitOps practices, maintains consistency, ensuring operational ease despite variations in underlying infrastructure. Our focus will be on demonstrating the creation of Kubernetes clusters using Proxmox and then replicating the same process on KubeVirt. This approach will illustrate how clusters can potentially scale across hundreds of servers and on different hypervisors while keeping operations consistent.


Photo of Alexandr Demicev Alexandr Demicev
Photo of Richard Case Richard Case