Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Exercising QEMU generated ACPI/SMBIOS tables using Biosbits from within a guest VM.

Biosbits is a software written by Josh Triplett that executes the bios components such as acpi/smbios tables directly from grub without an operating system involved in between. In QEMU, we never had the ability to directly execute and test ACPI/SMBIOS tables from within a running guest. This work adds the ability to test QEMU generated acpi tables using biosbits. We can add new tests incrementally. For QEMU, we maintain a fork of bios bits in gitlab containing numerous fixes along with all the dependent submodules. Within the QEMU repo, we add new python based avocado tests for bits. Care has been taken so that an ACPI contributor can add new tests for bits without having to know too much about biosbits itself or even touching the biosbits repository. This test framework is available from QEMU v7.2. The talk will give some details on the bios bits avocado tests, how to execute them, how to add new tests etc. It will discuss some of the challenges and limitations of this framework.


Photo of Anirban Sinha Anirban Sinha