Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Meritocracy or Do-ocracy - why diversity is still hard and what can we do

A lot of open source project is led by meritocracy. However, we all agree that this may not be the best model to encourage diversity in the community. Recently there has been a rise of do-ocracy, which means anyone and stand up and do it. Is this the best alternative we can have? Are there downfalls?


This talk can provoke thoughts about what is a better leadership model for open-source projects. We have come a long way to improve diversity and inclusion of the open-source ecosystem but the battle does not stop here. Hopefully, by providing more information and concerns about different types of open-source leadership models, it can help the audience to improve the model in their own project or help those who want to set up new projects a better place to start.

Target audiences:

Anyone who is involved in any open-source project, as a leader or participant. This talk is also useful for company leadership who wants to start an open-source project or make an existing project open-source.


Photo of Cheuk Ting Ho Cheuk Ting Ho