Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Bespoke containers with Jlink and OpenShift

Customers want ever-smaller runtime containers. By combining Java's module technology with OpenShift (Enterprise Kubernetes by Red Hat) we can produce bespoke containers, with just the necessary OpenJDK modules for the application, in some cases shaving off half of the on-disk image size.

OpenShift's unique features enable us to configure a multi-stage pipeline, automatically triggered updated application source, base image or custom events of a user's choice, producing a corresponding lean runtime image ready for deployment.

In this talk we'll outline our approach integrating these technologies, explain some of the challenges and report on the results that can be achieved.


Photo of Jonathan Dowland Jonathan Dowland
Photo of Jayashree Huttanagoudar Jayashree Huttanagoudar