Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Transportr: the Past, the Present and the Future

The vision of the free Android app Transportr is to provide easy access to accurate public transport data; without proprietary code, tracking, and ads. By simply switching the region, Transportr presents the same consistent user interface for daily commutes in Berlin as for holidays in Nicaragua. Thanks to shared code with its alternative Öffi, Transportr had support for official and third-party public transport APIs of more than 60 regions from Europe and other parts of the world at its peak. Apps such as Transportr have potential to ease the path into an ecological future with a seamless experience for public transport users regardless of their location.

This talk gives a recap of Transportr's history and some notes on its current state, but is mostly meant to be a starting point for discussion about the future of the app, the potential of combining efforts with similar projects, and a call for contributions to the community!


Photo of Mikolai Gütschow Mikolai Gütschow