Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Experimenting with AI and LLM to make docs searchable through a chat application

ChatGPT is considered to bring the end to search engines. But it's also a pretty good liar, just making stories up. As chat-based search engines, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, use an LLM (Large Language Model), they have no other knowledge than an algorithm that predicts the most likely word that should follow the previous ones. On top of that, these LLMs are not up-to-date, as they are generated with a "snapshot" of available data at a specific date when the LLM is being developed.

But how do we cope with the challenge that our managers and end-users want us to provide a chat-based user interface that produces correct results?

At Azul, all our public knowledge about Java and the products we deliver is combined on It's a "classic documentation" website, generated as a static website based on AsciiDoc files. As Java lovers, we experimented with several free, open-source tools to make our docs chat-searchable. Join this session to learn if we can dump traditional docs and enter the chat age...


Photo of Frank Delporte Frank Delporte