Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Flutter - about the nightmare of cross platform development targetting Linux mobile

In recent years, Flutter as a cross platform development kit gained huge popularity across mobile developers. One in public only barely noticed feature : Flutter supports native Linux builds. No JVM, no JavaScript, no Electron. Native binaries.

This talk will be about the daily issues and the progress of using Flutter for targeting Linux mobile, featuring :

  • (very) short overview of Flutter for Linux developers
  • compiling Flutter projects for Linux aarch64
  • Flutter as FOSS - a nightmare of BLOBs from Chromium CI - and how to hopefully workaround them
  • distribution and packaging
  • prospect on goals of freeing Flutter - might contain traces of BSD


Photo of The one with the braid (she/her) The one with the braid (she/her)