Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


How we at Deutsche Bahn develop IoT use cases quickly and cost-effectively

IoT (Internet of Things) is playing an increasingly important role for Deutsche Bahn. Be it to monitor existing infrastructure systems and make them fit for the future with pedictive maintenance or to obtain information in order to be able to make better decisions based on it. It is essential for Deutsche Bahn, that prototypes can be built and tested very quickly and cost-effectively. The talk provides an insight into the open source software ThingsBoard and the IoT construction kit Tinkerforge. After this, we will make a live demo and build a IoT system to monitor the air quality in the conference room. This gives you a very easy entry into the world of IoT. Finally, we would like to share our experience in conducting IoT hackathons to find solutions or recruit young talent and present three unusual IoT use cases at Deutsche Bahn.


Photo of Holger Koch Holger Koch