Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


How to Build an Open Source School Cloud for 5 Million Users

In Bavaria, an open source solution is running the file and collaboration cloud for 6300 schools, all their pupils, parents and teachers of the German Bundesland -- thanks to ownCloud's newest product, Infinite Scale, initially developed at CERN, together with the science community. Infinite Scale was completely written in Go, with microservices and an infinitely scalable cloud-native architecture.

Deploying some 100.000 new users each week in the Bavarian School Cloud (ByCS) is done with multi-tenant Kubernetes, monitored by Grafana Open Observability and it's based on open source cloud technology in accordance to Gaia-X standards. ByCS features a user-centric UX for web, mobile and desktop clients (plus collaborative web Office), the totally new and flexible concept of Spaces for collaboration and a flexible and efficient cloud native architecture.

This talk gives an in-depth look at ByCS-Drive’s architecture, focusing on how it leverages cutting-edge technologies to enhance storage efficiency, data security, and accessibility, insights into the scalability of ByCS-Drive, demonstrating its capability to handle growing data demands without compromising on performance and shows both robust security and compliance measures as well as the intuitive user interface and ease of integration.

More than a million concurrent, daily users have been activated during the last months. The talk will give an update and shows the future roadmap.


Photo of David Walter David Walter