Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


Role of IGA in Access Management with Multilateral Identities

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), as a natural extension of Identity Management, is a core component of any IT infrastructure. It automates user processes (joiner, mover, leaver) and their accounts in the whole infrastructure. Access Management (AM) is an inherent partner of IGA. It provides authentication and, to some extent, authorization for end users. To reach the full potential of both IGA and AM, it is necessary to interconnect them. 

This talk will focus on open-source IGA midPoint and show how it can deliver extra features when well-integrated with an AM system. We will cover basics like providing information about users and their access to the AM. Then, we will focus on how information from AM can flow to IGA and enable features like just-in-time provisioning even to systems that do not support it natively. Moreover, the data from AM, like login timestamps, can enhance IGA reporting capabilities and even enable the preparation of complex access policies. That can further automate your processes for managing accounts and use to tighten security and even save money for usage and licencing costs.

Ultimately, we will examine the partially implemented feature of midPoint for managing multilateral identities and use them to create a unified user profile. It envisioned this feature would interlace traditional on-premise identities (HR, student registry, customer databases, etc.) with identity federations, social, national and other IDs.


Photo of Slavek Licehammer Slavek Licehammer