Brussels / 3 & 4 February 2024


The Four Horsemen of Bad Rust Code

In the right hands, Rust is an exceptionally powerful language. Yet, I frequently observe similar mistakes in Rust programming: treating it like C or Java and not fully utilizing its unique features. I've concluded that poor Rust coding often falls into a few distinct categories, which I've termed the '4 Horsemen of Bad Rust Code': Overengineering, Simplistic Design, Premature Optimization, and Neglect of Documentation and Testing. This talk will delve into these antipatterns and offer strategies to avoid them, aiming to share practical tips for writing more ergonomic and effective Rust code. During the talk, we will gradually refactor a Rust code example, transforming it from a less optimal version to a more idiomatic and efficient one.


Photo of Matthias Endler Matthias Endler